Saturday 19th November is International Men’s Day, which began over two decades ago. The date forms part of a month dedicated to events and campaigns addressing issues affecting men, such as suicide, domestic violence and the portrayal of men in the media.

Though the Liverpool Guild ran no events to celebrate IMD this year, the event gains traction in many countries across the world. It aims to provide information and support to vulnerable men; through spreading awareness of these issues, International Men’s Day hopes to encourage men to speak up and feel more comfortable sharing their problems.

The event has garnered much attention on social media, with many brands and companies sharing support and signposting to charities, such as Mankind Initiative and Samaritans.


Depression and suicide: a rising issue among young men

The leading theme for this year’s event is ‘Stop Male Suicide’. Out of every 4 cases of suicide, 3 are completed by males. Suicide is now the single biggest killer of men aged between 20 and 45.

The number continues to grow each year, resulting in several charities such as CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and Mankind offering support and counselling for men in need.

This year CALM launched a nationwide campaign to get men talking. Their ‘Man Dictionary’ has reached hundreds across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, while their ‘UOKM8?’ collaboration with The LAD Bible hopes to engage a younger audience and gather data on men’s issues.

The ‘UOKM8’ campaign focuses on breaking down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health, but their website features an array of articles on a range of men’s issues – from social media to muscle dysmorphia.

According to the website UK Men’s Day, this year marked its “greatest ever” support.