On Saturday 22nd October 2016 the North West Fashion Festival was held at St George’s Hall in Liverpool. The architecture of the venue was beautiful with stain glass windows and stone statues of important figures which gave a traditional and interesting feel to the event. The electric blue and purple lighting shining on the 19th architecture added a modern twist.

Kathryn Seddon

Kathryn Seddon

Matthew Lucian (Retail and Operations Director) and Lee Bloor (Creative and Marketing Director) (http://www.lavishalice.com/about-us) who have dressed Gigi Hadid as well as Kendell Jenner for Topshop, showcased their new collection at the North West Fashion Festival. The advice the designers gave to people aspiring to make their way into the fashion industry, was to ‘find a niche’. This they said is what made them successful because they stood out from the crowd.

The catwalk that stood out for me in particular was Lavish Alice which is a Manchester based brand, formed in 2011. The tailoring was minimal and delicate, certainly appealing to the minimalist craze that is overtaking high street brands such as Zara, as well as designer brands like Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s The Row. The clothing mainly consisted of pastel colours including blush pink, peach as well as classic colours white, black, and grey and then a statement light blue shirt which did not hug the figure like other pieces did. Many of the pieces accentuated the waist, creating a flattering and elegant look. Then again, the blue shirt did have rouged detailing in the middle to create the illusion of a slimmer waist. The meticulous attention to detail created an interesting twist to the classic minimal look of boxy shapes and simple cuts. A particular statement was the off-the-shoulder look which featured in nearly every design, creating clear and distinct consistency throughout the show.


Chic and elegant would be the way to describe this brand, appealing to the modern independent woman. The hair was also tied back, creating a sleek and simplistic look which meant the audience payed more attention to the clothing rather than hair and make-up.

KU Spendlove also featured in the festival. The brand is Liverpool based and stunned the catwalk with above the knee dresses and a standout red jumpsuit with elegant rouged detailing across the neckline and shoulders.

Mode Mwah is a relatively new brand created in 2010 by Karen Beardmore. Featured on the catwalk was Hannah Elizabeth from the television program Love Island who wore a gold, almost see-through gown with sequined detailing. The standout piece closed the show spectacularly.

Overall, the festival left fashionistas keen to dash out to the high street and re-invent their wardrobes with the latest trends.