The Guild has this week been embroiled in a scandal involving the newly-approved UoL Pro-Life society. The Society’s approval sparked fierce criticism on campus –– a petition to remove the society has been launched on the Guild’s own website.

The petition, which started only yesterday, has attracted 123 upvotes at the time of writing, and the number is rising steadily.

The creator of the petition, Katriana Ciccotto, said: “whilst I understand and the Guild’s policy towards freedom of speech, misogyny does not come under this category”. This petition has led to a response from multiple organisations, most notably the Guild.


In a statement released earlier today, the Guild said that “before approving this society, we met with them to ensure they understood the Guild’s commitment to ensuring that students are only signposted to non-judgemental, non-directional, confidential advice and support services.”

In an effort to dispel the anger and concern over the new society’s approval, the Guild has looked to its official code of conduct to demonstrate that removing the society is not a possibility.

Liverpool Amnesty Society also got involved, stating that “we at Amnesty support free speech and will not argue with the right of this society to exist, we maintain our position that we will defend a woman’s right to personal autonomy and access to safe abortion.”

Although some Amnesty members voiced their concerns and desire to oppose the society, the organisation itself has yet to comment.


It remains to be seen if this issue will escalate further, but the backlash from some students continues to mount.