Romeo and Juliet, the ultimate Shakespeare classic is coming to Liverpool – showcased at the Capstone Theatre.

One of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays promises to be a visual spectacular for the audience. This heart-wrenching tale of forbidden love is the original love story as we know it and will not disappoint.

Emphasising passion and true first love, this play will have you on the edge of your seats and reaching for your tissues. The cast is small, yet extremely talented and includes Zara Banks as Lady Capulet, Teddy Corbett as Paris, Giorgio Galassi as Romeo, Lindsay Huebner as Benvolio, Lydia Orange as Juliet.

Get your tickets as soon as possible and do not miss out on this one night opportunity to see a true classic beautifully performed.

Traffic of the Stage’s Romeo and Juliet takes place on Tuesday, 15th of November at 7.30pm.

More information and tickets can be found here.