On Tuesday, the world waits with baited breath to discover who will become the next President of the United States.

There is Hillary Clinton, potentially the ultimate example of cronyism, with persisting allegations over emails and on the other hand – Donald Trump. To many, he is a sort of horrifying caricature, with a tangerine face and fluffy haircut shouting strange, repetitive rhetoric which is as perplexing as it is shocking.

Whilst neither nominee is exactly a dream candidate, it seems clear that Hillary Clinton is the lesser evil. Once you move past the mesmerising idiocy of Donald’s hand gestures and babble, it is important to realise that America is one of, if not the most influential country in the world, and so what happens in America does not stay in America and the outcome will reverberate around the world.

In an election that is shaping up to be frighteningly similar to Brexit, with both candidates seemingly neck-and-neck, it is important not to dismiss Trump as a potential winner. I believe it is important to understand what the future of America may hold if Donald Trump wins. However, Donald may not even know himself.

So, when looking past the orange-tinted rhetoric, what kind of policies would America see if Donald Trump gets the majority on Tuesday?

1. Immigration

We know, he wants to build a wall right? And Mexico is going to pay for it? Well, kind of. Donald Trump has quietened over the concept of the wall; however, it is a real crowd-pleaser. The original plan was to build the biggest wall the world has ever seen and that Mexico will pay for it: if you dare question him on this it will get 10 feet taller each time.

He was also going to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants estimated to be currently living in the US and make sure they are firmly on the other side of said wall. His stance on this matter, however, has changed several times, saying now maybe the ‘good’ immigrants may be allowed to come back. He then, however, went back on this statement and decided to put together a mass deportation task force, but now seems to have settled on the idea that he will deport every illegal immigrant whilst leaving a possible pathway to citizenship. Also, he will probably have to pay for the wall but it’s okay because Mexico will pay him back. Right.


‘We have some bad hombres here and we need to get them out’

2. Women

Time and time again, Donald Trump has shown his respect for women is somewhat debatable, from grabbing women by the p*ssy (listen here for the full audio) to further allegations of sexual abuse and following Hillary Clinton around the stage like some frightening orange Slenderman. He plans to appoint pro-life judges meaning that women will have less choice and control over their bodies, preventing women’s access to abortions. He is also in favour of defunding Planned Parenthood and punishing women who have abortions. Donald Trump really is a ladies’ man.


*Panto voice* he’s behind you…

3. Guns

In spite of the thousands of firearm-related deaths that have occurred over the last year alone, Donald Trump firmly believes that Americans should have even more guns, so that citizens can defend themselves – from guns. The right to bear arms is a closely-guarded and a highly-sensitive topic, but the fact he seems to oppose any limits on gun control whatsoever places him on the wrong side of insanity.

4. Global Warming

A few years ago, Donald Trump had a tin foil hat moment, claiming that global warming was created by the Chinese to destroy America’s manufacturing industry. However, he now firmly denies that he ever said this. trump-tweet

5. Taxes

Donald Trump is the people’s hero, reducing taxes for all! Although on the outside this may seem like the American dream, it also comes with lowered business taxes and fewer regulations on things such as tax avoidance, which costs America approximately $480 billion dollars per year. America will be Great again – for huge corporations such as the Trump Organisation. For the working class citizens of America, however, it means the already incredible economic gap between the rich and poor will inevitably grow.

6. Nuclear Weapons

In the same way, Trump believes we should all have a gun, The Don also believes that more countries should have nuclear weapons in order to defend themselves from nuclear weapons. The idea of having Donald Trump being anywhere near the nuclear codes is perhaps most frightening of all.

Good luck, America.