After smearing mum’s favourite Dior Rouge lipstick into the carpet, smashing her favourite Estee Lauder powder and smudging her Lance mascara across our cheeks like war paint when growing up, we couldn’t wait to apply makeup like a pro. Now, our childhood is colliding with our present makeup loving- selves as Clinique team up with Crayola to bring us a limited edition collection of the brand’s iconic Chubby Sticks.

The product itself is indeed shaped and designed identically to out primary school stationary staple, as well as coming in corresponding shade names.

As with the original Chubby Stick formula, the Clinique Crayloa Chubby Stick boasts to hold the same moisturising properties, loaded with mango and shea butters so lips feel comfortably soft and smooth. The lipsticks are available in a sheer finish, to give a subtle wash of colour, along with an intense finish to achieve a bolder look.

The unique Chubby Sticks retail for an individual price of £17.50 (full size), whilst a set of 4 minis is priced at £18 and 8 minis for £35. The range is exclusive to Selfridges and