David O’ Doherty, acclaimed Irish comedian, brought his tour to Liverpool’s Epstein theatre this week.

A self-admitted ‘duck’ amongst ‘flamingos’ at a zoo, his deprecating comedy style was what made his performance incredibly funny and relatable. The Epstein theatre itself was the perfect venue for this, allowing him to interact with the front row and take song requests later on during the second half.

The use of a miniature keyboard and tape as his two props made his performance refreshingly simplistic, but furthermore unique. The keyboard also offered a clear structure to his performance, and acted as a buffer in between many of his harder hitting jokes.

His persona of the bitter, imperfect everyman suited his material perfectly. Succumbing to buying useless products that were on sale in Lidl or Aldi, dealing with hostile customer service and possessing a series of app ideas that we have no idea how to create is something many people can relate to.

As he was dealing with current topics, today’s politics were unavoidable. His response to these issues were one of the more predictable, therefore weaker aspects of the act. His critique of Brexit is valid, but has become a staple that many comedians routines and was predictable. As an Irish native, he had more leeway to critique the politics of Trump and the UK as he is not directly involved but this opportunity was not taken, perhaps owing to how this approach risks alienating audience members looking for light comedic relief from politics, rather than hard hitting satire.

O’Doherty gave a ridiculous, consistently funny and easily accessible performance. Having reached a level of popularity where people think they’ve heard of him, his description of his audience as ‘reggo normsters’ and attempt to cross onto their side of the room was not lost in irony.

This is a good reflection on the type of talent that Liverpool can attract, and thoroughly worth a watch if given the chance. His familiarity with Liverpool in particular was apparent, and mentioned the possibility of returning here in the future.

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