Jack Buckby is the controversial alt-right figure who garnered attention last year when he stood in a by-election for the seat of murdered MP Jo Cox.

The former BNP member and Liverpool University student appeared alongside NUS activist Barbara Ntumy on a Channel 4 debate about the so-called ‘alt-right’ movement.

Buckby left the studio in shock yesterday when he told the student activist: “I hope you don’t get raped” by a Syrian refugee. One camera man audibly exclaimed: “oh my god” during the live coverage.

He told Ntumy to “stop bringing race into it. We hate the fact that you people take the moral superiority. But you know what, put your money where your mouth is.” Buckby then unfolded a piece of paper and slammed it down on the table. “A Syrian refugee application form,” he said, gesturing to the paper. “Take one home, take in a Syrian refugee – I hope you don’t get raped.”

Buckby mocked Ntumy on Twitter following the altercation, saying her brain “has the capacity of a ham sandwich”.

Barbara Ntumy, who formerly confronted Nigel Farage for racism, was momentarily speechless. She then explained that her financial position would not allow her to take in a refugee.

Jack Buckby is a member of Liberty GB, an anti-immigration party self described as “counter-jihad”. He was asked to leave the University of Liverpool in 2013, later calling the university a “red campus” which sought to suppress his right-wing views.

Watch the full video here.