Did you know that you’re living in the kindest city in the UK?

Scousers have recently been voted the kindest people in the UK, after research conducted by Travelodge suggests 48 per cent of Liverpudlians perform acts of kindness on a regular basis.

Beating the national average by more than double, this award doesn’t come as a shock to the people of Liverpool, as the city is well known for its close community, attractive culture and inviting atmosphere. Being previously awarded this title in 2010 and 2011, Liverpool is evidently established as a welcoming social hub for its locals, students and influx of tourists.

Coming from a survey of around 2,000 people, the Travelodge research depicts the overwhelming feeling of goodness that Scousers achieve through participating in random acts of kindness to others. The research also suggests how Liverpudlians believe that performing these daily gestures can result in good karma.

Although many would assume this research was mainly focused on more mature participants, this result doesn’t only apply to the older generations of Liverpool. For instance, five local children recently attracted online attention for their kind gesture, after donating money collected through penny for a guy to a homeless man. Through this, the man later identified as Damien was able to move into his first home in two years, as the social media attention caught the eye of a local charity who willingly took action to help.

After the whirlwind we endured in 2016, with celebrity deaths, constant public conflict and the magnitude of controversy that is Donald Trump, Liverpool’s award shows small acts of kindness are still alive and well.