A petition to “change the University fees from £9250 back to the £3000 fee for the UK” has surpassed the necessary 100,000 signatures for it to be debated in parliament. The creator of the petition argues that the ever increasing cost of a University education has caused “the stress of being in debt” and “puts individuals off applying for degrees”. It is a hotly-debated argument as to whether or not increased education costs are causing a social divide between those who do and don’t go to university.

Before 2012, the maximum cost of University fees was £3290 – in 2010 the coalition Government chose to increase the cost of tuition causing mass outrage across the UK.

Although news that the government will debate the issue is a positive boost for struggling students, evidence suggests that tuition fees are more likely to rise than fall. The government plans to allow universities which score highly on teaching quality to increase their tuition fees by £250 per year. This decision has been justified on the grounds that it will encourage universities to provide a higher quality of teaching; nonetheless, it has sparked a great debate across campuses. The Liverpool Guild of Students has been vocal in its campaign to boycott the NSS (National Student Survey), a survey which will contribute to the decision of whether or not the University of Liverpool will raise it’s fees. You can read more about the boycott here.

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Source: http://www.bristolsu.org.uk/articles/reject-the-tef-boycott-the-nss