The first two finalists of this year’s University Band Society battle of the bands are headed to the final at the Cavern Club on 30th March and will ultimately compete for:

  • £200 towards a recording session
  • a professional photoshoot
  • a slot at Threshold Festival 2017 with CMD Presents
  • their name on the BandSoc Trophy
  • a Headline Slot at next year’s BOTB final

Head on down The Cellar TONIGHT at 7:30pm to catch Heat 3 and vote for your favourite band; with Heat 4 on Wednesday 20th March, the final heat before the final.

We managed to seek out DECHO, winners of Heat 1 for a chat….

On the name…

We started out firmly rooted in jazz and wanted a name that fitted with that. So it’s DECHO like Art Deco from the 1920s, the ‘Jazz Age’. And then ECHO like the sound. It took us ages to agree on a band name and we actually played one gig under the name ‘Bandy McBandface’.

If DECHO were a perfume….

…it would smell like some sassy strong speakeasy style booze with a hint of ginger yet fresh like the Black Sea and all made sure not to be tested on animals for our resident vegan.

On the final….

We’ll be pulling out all the stops, we’ve recently added a few new songs to our set list but the old favourites will still be making an appearance. Also tons of sass and hair flicks.
Get to know Sister Sister Band, winners of Heat 2, in our quick-fire question round below:

Why the name ‘Sister Sister Band’? Women make the world go round.

Who’s in your band? Max, Phil, Dan and Alex.

Who would like your band? Goths.

Last song you listened to? Karma Chameleon – Culture Club.

Favourite musical era? The Naughties.

On a scale of 1-11 how psyched are you to play Cavern Club? 8.



Don’t forget:

Tonight @ 7:30pm, The Cellar: Heat 3

Wednesday 20th March @ 7:30pm, The Cellar: Heat 4

Thursday 30th March @ 7:30pm, Cavern Club: Final

(£1 entry for non-members)