The most recent finalists of this year’s University Band Society battle of the bands, Freeman’s Lock and Silhouette Empire are headed to the final at the Cavern Club this Thursday, 30th March, along with DECHO and Red Fiction from earlier heats, and runners up NESH and The Salt. The bands will be competing for:

  • £200 towards a recording session
  • a professional photoshoot
  • a slot at Threshold Festival 2017 with CMD Presents
  • their name on the BandSoc Trophy
  • a Headline Slot at next year’s BOTB final

There will also be a set from 2016’s winners, Damn Fine. Get to know the Finalists below!


Freeman’s Lock

On their sound…

We are pretty much a loud, filthy, overdriven, bluesy, grungey, tinnitus-developing rock band.

On pre-show rituals….

Our pre-show ritual tends to be just having a few drinks, and running through songs in an a cappella style (literally saying boom boom kah repeatedly sometimes- it sounds very strange to bystanders, but it builds the bands relations). Although we can say we’ll almost always be in the Jacaranda if you want a post-show ritual.

What’s your favourite musical era?

Favourite era is ranging from the 60s with Jimi Hendrix and The Doors through to the 90s with Pearl Jam and My Bloody Valentine. Except our drummer Dom. Dom likes Metal as well.

Level or Juicy?

Juicy… Very Juicy.

When do you expect World Domination?

Once Dom breaks into the White House with his ninja-like drumstick moves and Andy seduces the security guards with his guitar shredding (irrelevant of the heist), we’ll win the American Presidency in 2020 and assert our world dominance, feared by other world leaders. Our slogan will be #SecureYourFuture…because we’re a lock…like Freeman’s Lock.

Oh wait you meant in terms of music? We’ll just get drunk, sell a couple of albums, play a few gigs, and see where that takes us.


Silhouette Empire

On the name…

It’s inspired by the fact that everything you perceive is controlled by people in power. Everyone’s blindfolded by the information told to them by big corporations, companies and political leaders. So you only ever see the ‘Silhouette of the Empire’, essentially.


On their sound…

We’re a high energy band, focusing on filling the room with atmospheric sounds and heavy-hitting riffs. For fans of Pink Floyd, Alter Bridge, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree and Audioslave, we’re for you.

What’s on your rider?

Tubes, Kopparberg and ‘no questions asked’.

Smithdown or Kensington?

Well we’d have to ask our full-time Liverpool representative Ryan, whose response is simply ‘Kenny Laaaa’ and believes no more needs to be said.

If Silhouette Empire were a t-shirt what would it look like?

We have exactly the thing in mind. That’s our bassist (Ben) and guitarist (James) showing their affection for each other.


Don’t forget the Final this Thursday 30th March @ 7:30pm, in the Cavern Club!

(£2 entry for non-members, £1 for BandSoc members)