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The Cow and Co Café is a short walk away from John Lewis, although when you are there, it feels as if it could as well be in the country side. The café is relaxing and quiet, if you need an escape from the busy student life, it is ideal. Cow and Co is best described as eclectic. In terms of its decoration, the place is very similar to Urban Outfitters home wear with that lovely cosy feel. There are daffodils on each table, a range of artsy magazines if you want something to read and, of course, great food on the menu.

The food on offer is so much nicer than just your average café. For example, I had a lovely halloumi and mint croissant and my friend enjoyed her poppy seed bagel with it’s avocado and red pesto filling. She was also very impressed at the vegan friendly menu, as for many places this is an issue, but not for Cow and Co! The sandwiches on offer were really interesting, if you’re looking for something a bit different, but still incredibly delicious, there is a tasty selection to choose from. There were also an impressive range of smoothies on offer too. If you have a large appetite, try it all! The drinks were heavenly: lovely and warm with a beautiful decoration on the top. You don’t have to ask for water, it is served to you just before your drinks arrive which is a great touch that we appreciated after our walk there.


The service in Cow and Co Café is really good: we found that our food arrived quickly and that the staff are friendly and attentive, making you feel very comfortable there. The atmosphere made it an excellent place to unwind and have a chat as it’s a small, tranquil and stylish café. If you’re looking for a creative hide out with great food: we’ve found the one.

Cow and Co Café also accepts the Independent Liverpool card if you are looking for 10% off your bill. The café sells home wear in store and online if you are looking to emulate its bohemian chic style and you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.