Whether students’ tastes are cutting-edge loose-fitting culottes, calf-length skirts, urbanely preppie blazers or 90s themed bomber jackets and trainers, the one thing is for sure the style bar has definitely been raised. The stereotype of university students living in sweat pants and not caring about what they wear is very different today. Students arriving for their 9 a.m. lectures in trench coats over their pyjamas isn’t quite the norm anymore. So, myself and the fashion team decided to go out and discover our favourite styles out on campus.

Ben Coleman is a second year student studying Classical studies. We instantly spotted him from the crowd because of his bright stripy bomber jacket that we absolutely loved. He has paired this with some black ripped jeans and old school Vans. This is the perfect relaxed outfit for a library trip as well as having that vintage edge to it.

Alex Gilborson is a second year student studying French and Spanish. We couldn’t help but notice her faux fur leopard inspired jacket. The jacket is perfectly paired with the sides of her bag that have a similar pattern. With the winter weather still hanging around, jackets are still the main piece for any outfit.

Bethan Spall is in her second year of History. We all really liked her pink and silky bomber jacket. She paired this with pink trainers, light blue skinny jeans and a high neck grey jumper tucked in with a chunky belt. A casual but stylish look ideal for any student going to and from lectures.

Jason Ford is in his third year of Business. We loved his loosely fitted jean jacket contrasting with his black skinny jeans, black t-shirt and black Nike trainers. It is a great ‘go to look’ for when you are hanging around campus.

Steph Jones is in her first year of Politics. Her look is perfect for the Spring time, a calf-length grey skirt with an oversized jean jacket and black crop too is stylish and chic. Steph is a great example of how to pair an oversized jacket with a fitted skirt to balance the outfit. We definitely have fashion envy with Steph!

Emily Brown is studying Architecture in her first year. We loved her light blue boy-styled jeans combined with a beige mix of suede and fur oversized jacket. Again another easy and on season look with some definite style points!

Look out for us on campus soon!