Photo credits – Idil Sukan

Politics and comedy do not often mix (intentionally anyway), but Josie Long has to ability to both tackle serious issues and entertain an audience.

On Monday 13th March, Josie performed her new material in Liverpool to a constantly laughing crowd. While the political nature of Josie’s set could be off-putting to some people, and her left-leaning attitudes and jokes at the expense of both brexiteers and right-wingers might be offensive, most of the audience seemed amused by Josie’s gags. Her charismatic demeanour helped to make it clear that people of all political leanings were welcome at her show and it was a breath of fresh air to see a comedian so passionate in her beliefs.

University students were also given the opportunity to meet Josie when she gave a speech to the Labour Society the next day on Tuesday 14th March. Josie is clearly able to talk about political matters in both a comedic and serious manner; this is perfect for inspiring others to pay an interest in politics.


The Epstein theatre was the perfect setting to accommodate Josie. The atmosphere was convivial and allowed for Josie’s performance to seem like an informal chat with the audience. The comedienne herself remarked that she didn’t think she could be an arena comedian; the intimate theatre worked perfectly for the performance.

Josie was joined by support act Tez Ilyas. Tez’s humour complimented Josie’s style as he tackled topics such as race and religion as well as more light-hearted themes. Tez is starting his first national tour as soon as Josie’s comes to an end and he will be back in Liverpool in 2 weeks time. If you didn’t have enough reason to go and watch him already, the gig will be free to attend. For more information and to reserve your tickets visit