Lana Del Rey has always been one of those rather unusual, dynamic female artists with the rather uncanny ability to inject a modern gangster vibe into old school Hollywood glamour. On her new song in nearly 2 years named “Love,” she proves that she can still do this.

For those not as familiar with Lana Del Rey, (also known as Elizabeth Grant), she first achieved recognition for her critically and commercially acclaimed 2012 breakthrough album “Born To Die.” This lead to her winning a plethora of awards including Best International Breakthrough Act at the 2012 Brit Awards. Her songs have always entailed meaning regarding her personal life in Hollywood where she was constantly drawn to drugs and men, which some listeners find depressing at times. However, her latest offering “Love” and its accompanying music video manage to offer something a little different.

Stood in her trademark flower crown and short white dress, Lana Del Rey for once does not utter a melody solely about herself – she talks about other “kids,” saying “You’re part of the past, but now you’re the future,” whilst a backdrop of young adults having fun appear on screen. Like on every song, her distinctively eerie and soulful voice pervades throughout. Not only that, but the music video displays development for her. Obviously Del Rey has never been one of those artists like Lady Gaga or Beyonce who create an extravagant music video that wins a large batch of VMA’s. Nevertheless, the outer space-themed visuals whereby young adults float motionlessly in the sky and run wild through a shimmering moonlit lake add to the vividness and blissfulness of the music video.

This new Lana Del Rey offering is not entirely perfect – there is still some evidence of Lana exploring parts of her past which she has already revealed to us. This is thus why upon first listen, the song does not sound perfect. Also, her signature, laid-back, alternative sound has not shown much change and will only be enriching to a selection of people. However, with just a tiny bit more development, it is probable that Lana Del Rey will be able to deliver something worthwhile for her next album offering.