Since the release of her debut EP, singles ‘Superman’, ‘Shivers’ & ‘Dancing All Night’ have received 5 star reviews and national airplay, and she has performance creds to match. 24 year-old Frankie has toured the UK with British Country favourites, The Shires and Nashville singer-songwriter Charlie Worsham. She has also performed at an international showcase at one of the world’s biggest Country festivals, CMA fest. Beginning in Glasgow last Sunday, Frankie’s debut headline tour will stop off at Liverpool this Wednesday – and the Sphinx spoke to her before it all kicked off…

After spending her undergraduate years here in Liverpool, the Jersey-born musician is excited to come to the city with a full band for the first time ever. “Don’t tell anyone but I think Liverpool’s the date I’m most looking forward to because it’s like my second home”.

Among the many exceptional touring and performing experiences already under her belt, 3 years ago Frankie headed to Nashville with the one and only Bob Harris, BBC Radio’s well-known Country music aficionado and broadcaster, for the Americana Music Festival. Despite suffering with an ill-timed bout of tonsillitis, her showcase was a success, and she’s refreshingly enthusiastic about hanging out with big names in her industry; “It was unreal. I like ate pizza with Bob Harris in Hard Rock Café.”

Like many Country artists, Frankie takes a lot of inspiration from the Dixie Chicks, but tells me she listens to artists like Lady Gaga and Tori Kelly (“She’s my life”) too. “Like I’m not from the ‘Deep South’ so I listen to pop songs! I think if I listened to country music all the time I wouldn’t want to sing it… Right now, I’m in my car surrounded by CDs like Lucy Rose, and Christine and the Queens – I think she’s so great, I want to dance like her!”

With songs such as ‘Dancing All Night’ and ‘Superman’ inspired by her parents and her family, she says in comparison her life is “to be honest, quite boring”, and so uses the stories of other people’s lives to form the narratives of her songs. “I used to go to lectures where they were like, ‘this is how you write a song’, but its different every time for me”.

On this tour…

“I’m not normally nervous but because the fact that it’s my own tour and with a band too is actually quite nerve wracking! Doing solo is easier for me because I if I go wrong I can just make it up…I just want to make everyone happy! I am so excited though, because the girls in the band are my best friends”.

On the band…

“It just felt so right to be all girls, and it’s awesome for me to be able to show off their talent. I don’t know what it is about all-female bands but so many people just switch off, I don’t get it. They’re not just the best female musicians I’ve ever worked with, they’re the best musicians I’ve ever worked with”.

On the Country scene…

“Lake Street Dive are so good, they’re bluesy, almost like jazz. When I saw them at Americana they weren’t that big but they’re quite big now in America!”

“Cam is such a bubbly, lovely character to watch onstage. Her song Burning House is so heart-wrenching”

Catch Frankie Davies at her debut performance in Liverpool with her band this Wednesday, 29th March, at the Magnet on Hardman Street. Don’t miss out on what’s sure to be an amazing show!