Write Night, as the name suggests, is the bringing to life of written pieces for just one night each semester. This event is hosted and curated by the Liverpool University Drama Society, who write and perform a collection of original works.

The latest Write Night followed its own tradition by delivering entertaining and original stories featuring washed-up play directors with metaphysical hammers, a scandalous teenage marriage and Moby Dick out of water.  The nine sketches performed were certainly a colourful mix, encompassing moments of comedy and powerful emotion. Amongst the lineup was ‘Marriage a la Mode’ by Phyllis Brighouse, which proved to be a positively brilliant mashup of old and new with a distinctively British humour to it, resulting in something reminiscent of Fawlty Towers. ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ by Hannah Kelly, a modern Crackanory-style version of the old fable, was another stand-out piece and probably one of the only occasions you might catch a forest creature threatening to fire a gun. The evening ended with David Jones’ beautifully written commentary on the meaning of life, ‘The Treasure Story’, which represented the immense amount of talent within the society.

As a first-time guest to one of these nights, two things immediately struck me; the talent of the writers and performers of LUDS, and their warmness as a group of people who are interested in engaging with one another’s work and ideas. In any creative society, one of the most important things is to feel safe enough to share your ideas with others, and I would definitely recommend any hidden playwrights around uni to consider joining LUDS.
LUDS is a friendly society that encourages the proposal of new ideas, so if you have anything that you think would look good in bright lights, you might just want to tag along to one of their regular writers’ meetings. You are sure to find a joke or a good word to take away from the experience.

If you prefer to remain in the audience, events are free to attend, but the society welcomes any small donations that could help to fund more exciting projects in the future. More information and upcoming shows can be found on the LUDS Facebook page here.