Molly Graham is an extremely skilled Make Up Artist located in Manchester so we asked her the questions you’re all itching to ask. She boasts a level 2 and 3 in ‘Media Hair and Make-up’. Molly is also currently undertaking an ongoing level 2 diploma in beauty. Impressively, she has traveled down to London and used her make up skill’s in the major West End production of ‘Real Woman’ at the Playhouse Theatre. Not only has she worked on a West End production, her skills extend to special effects make up. She won 1st place in the GMCG in 2016 with her creation of a Bulldog (pictured below). Molly also uses her skills for a great cause as she often undertakes charity work for ‘Rubens Retreat’ by face painting at charity events.

Molly’s award-winning 1st place creation in 2016

Whats your ‘go to’ make-up brand for your kit?

Definitely MAC! The foundation range is h u g e.”

Is there a current trend your clients keep asking for?

”Oh yes, the famous highlight. Especially the frosted colour ones.”

One of Molly’s clients

Highlighter is a BIG trend right now, which one’s your favourite? 

‘My favourite highlight is ‘MAC soft and gentle’. To be specific my favourite is ‘Soft Frost’ by MAC, I love it because it creates a lilac sheen when light reflects off it. It goes with my hair!”

Which fake lashes are the best you have ever used?

”The best lashes I’ve ever used are Eldora H167. They’re gorgeous because they’re so wispy”

Every girl seems to have an abundance of make up brushes, can you recommend some cheap but good quality make up brushes?

”Yes! Morphe Brushes are fairly cheap. Especially the g24 brush for the crease, but if you’re just starting off Jessup from eBay are a good buy.”

Everybody aims for amazing defined brows, do you have an hints or tips to achieve perfect brows?

Molly’s perfectly sculpted brows

”I L O V E brows! concealer is a must if you’re trying to achieve a ‘defined’ brow. Also a flat synthetic brush and pencil or gel product. Personally, I prefer MAC ‘dip brow’ as it’s very easy to move with the concealer.”

What products do you re-purchase again and again?

”I always re-purchase MAC ‘Select Cover-up’ as it’s a brilliant base for eyeshadow and also perfect for under the brow bone. As I’m in the industry I go through quite a lot!”

What’s the most important part of your make-up routine?

”Good base, I’m not a massive fan of primer- some can’t go without it but I feel like corrective concealer plays a big part in achieving a perfect base. Specifically, corrective concealer plays a BIG part in correcting uneven skin tones and dark circles. (Red lipstick works- try it!)”

What part of your face do you start with (face, eyebrows ect…) Why?

”I get this question a lot about why I do my eyebrows first. I find it easier to remove dropped product. If you do your foundation first and get back ‘droppage’ it’s harder to remove. You can then perfect it as much as you want and not ruin a flawless base”

Thank you for talking to us, Molly!

You can find Molly’s work on her Instagram- MollMUA