Last Thursday, Reginald D. Hunter delivered a preview of his new tour: ‘Some People V. Reginald D. Hunter’, at the Epstein Theatre.

As anticipated, it was a controversial and hilariously funny performance. Typical to his previous acts, the comedian spoke about race, politics and society – although he also presented some new material on lighter matters.

Hunter commented on his experiences of British culture from an American’s perspective, such as our much-loved ‘pre-drinks’. He stated that ‘the British drink like the Americans eat’ – we drink before going out to drink more, the American’s cook up a steak before going out for a meal!

Following this, Hunter mentioned the way in which racism in Britain is complex – during big football matches, the English hate themselves instead of others… I know Liverpool fans would have a lot to say about that one!

On the recommendation of his agent, the comedian also made some more light-hearted jokes. For example, he stated his confusion with ‘nice people’ and believes their ‘dark side’ will eventually be unleashed in some form of criminality. He referred to Angela Merkel, who he described as composed, rational and sensible. Following this ‘dark Angela’ was born through a range of hilarious, hypothetical situations he put her in. This was, arguably, the most hilarious part of his preview because it was less predictable. Although Hunter is well know for satirising the controversial issues, he is also very gifted in making jokes about the simpler aspects of human nature.

‘Relationships’ was another theme of the show and he discussed his competitive relationship with his brother. Hunter mentioned how parents favour different children and how this plays a large role in family politics. Friendship also came into this category, particularly how he found himself instantly clicking with a 75 year old woman. This was a particularly effective part of his performance, his less controversial jokes actually made for the more humorous ones.

Another topic that Reginald D. Hunter refused to shy away from was politics. He claimed Donald Trump was a vote of vengeance, coming from those who were dissatisfied with Obama. Of course, Brexit was also mentioned. Alongside this, the ways Jeremy Corbin is treated, offering indications on his own political views.

With his relaxed style and care free attitude to the controversial topics, he had no trouble interacting with the audience and I must say, he was rather entertaining. No doubt, he will create an interesting, funny, and of course, controversial tour in the future!