Cut Rory Wynne and he’ll bleed the same self-confident arrogance akin to The Gallagher Brothers. After singles such as on his latest EP What Would Rory Wynne Do?; this surprise release from the Stockport teenager elevates him from one of 2017’s new acts to 2017’s act to watch out for. With the same big choruses as his indie rock predecessors Catfish and The Bottlemen and the acerbic wit of early Alex Turner, there’s little doubt that he will self-fulfil his prophecy. Currently signed to Liverpool’s very own Skeleton Imprint records, Rory makes his live return to the city on the NME awards tour carousel at Liverpool Olympia with Blossoms and Cabbage.

The Sphinx got the chance to interview Rory and ask him a few questions about what to expect from him this year.

Peppered with angsty riffs in songs such as Star In The Sky you wouldn’t be far off in thinking of a certain White Stripes frontman, namely Jack White, who Wynne says is “a big one” in terms of his major influences, “but also Oasis”. Oasis’ influence on Wynne is clear as he tells us to “expect an arrogant performance and the first chance to see a proper rockstar on stage for the first time in years” at his Liverpool Olympia gig on the 17th March. This cocksure attitude is a breath of fresh air after the highly PG attitude of current big stars in the indie genre such as Bastille, harking back to the days of 00’s indie where music magazines were awash with unchecked verbal baloney from stars such as Pete Doherty. Aside from the chance to see the next big thing, Rory tells us to expect “great songs too.”

Despite artists such as Thom Yorke condemning Spotify as “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse”, when asked what his Desert Island Disc would be, Rory replied saying, “A compilation CD of all my Spotify playlists would be nice”, advocating Spotify’s appeal as a platform to curate playlists perfectly moulded to suit your every mood. Check out Rory’s playlist’s here.

When Stockport is mentioned many people are quick to jump to one particular band that made it big in 2016, Blossoms, who Rory has big love for and says the gig he is most looking forward to this year is his support slot for Blossoms at Castlefield bowl in July. “I saw them supporting The Charlatans there, so it’ll be very nice to be where they were not so long ago, and The Coral are also supporting so it will be a really great event.”

Rory’s new EP What Would Rory Wynne Do? Is available for digital download now on iTunes and tickets for the Liverpool Olympia show can be purchased here.