It’s never too late to re-evaluate your skin care regime. Whether you’ve never had one or the one you’re using just isn’t doing it for you; I have a cheap, student-friendly skin care regime. It works for me and so some of the products may just work for you!


As all the good old beauty bloggers seem to say, skin care is mostly a three-step routine. This includes a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. This should be carried out religiously every morning and every night- unless it’s 4am and you’ve just drunkenly tumbled into your room, I think it would be a good idea to give it a miss.

My current favourite cleanser is the Soap and Glory ‘Peaches and Clean’. It claims to ‘melt away make up’ and do feel it lives up to this claim. It smells extremely nice and leaves you with that ‘oh so clean!’ tingly feeling which makes you feel like it’s doing its job. Before you reach for that face wipe, skin care expert Caroline Hirons, explains face wipes are simply a no go. However, she does agree with using them for ‘’fannies, festivals or flights’’.

Then next step is a toner. As a person new to toner I didn’t want to buy anything too extravagant. So, I reached for the trusty brand of Simple and tried their Simple toner. I have extremely sensitive skin and this product seems to be so soothing. Toner apparently gives an extra cleansing which is great if you have acne prone skin. Who wouldn’t give it a try! After all it’s only around the £3 mark.

The third (and almost final) step is a good hydrating moisturiser, after all there’s nothing worse than applying your foundation onto dry skin. I’ve been using the Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream for sensitive skin. I’ll admit I only bought this because it was on sale due to the living the student life. Surprisingly, I really do love it. It contains SPF 15 for your everyday sun care needs and leaves your skin leaving smooth ready for your foundation application.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a trusty face exfoliator. This step keeps your skin in tip-top condition as it removes any dry dead skin cells. To keep my pores unclogged I’ve been using ‘Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Face Scrub’. This fruity exfoliator smells delicious and does the job too. If you wear make-up daily or quite a lot it may feel good to give your skin a deep clean and make sure nothing is missed.

I am by no means a skin care expert. But these products work for me by keeping money in my pocket and my skin as clear as it can be. Remember it’s never too late to start caring for your skin!

Thanks for reading!