Former Law student Ananda Mohan is standing for a second term as Student Officer. He’s pledging to keep going with his work on housing, academics and society support. This time, he is also pledging to improve employment prospects by helping students to build up skills and gain summer work experience. Ananda wants to improve transport by bus or bike, and roll out a scheme to make sure students are safe on campus.

Liverpool Guild elections

How would you change the Guild, if elected?

How would I change the Guild? I wouldn’t really change the Guild, I think I would change some processes within the Guild, and that’s a key difference there. Our staff are wonderful, and the students are wonderful. Sometimes there might be a disconnect, or there might be issues. Sometimes students want things that we can’t deliver, although we try. There are 268 societies that compete for time. So maybe if we could communicate these issues to the students, they’d be a lot more understanding- they understand where you’re coming from. Taking the time to do that, and finding the way to do that is important.

What is your favourite Guild campaign of the past?

That’s a difficult question, because, obviously, I’d favour the ones I’ve done! I mean, obviously, I liked the Find Your Happy Place campaign, because it’s to do with housing. It’s very simple stuff- basically we try to tell people what their tenancy rights are, as a lot of students wait until their time for finding houses. The big issue in Liverpool here is that we want to overcome the sort of stigma- well not the stigma- the sort of misconception that there are no houses, when there are plenty. So that’s my favourite.

What is your least favourite Guild campaign?

My least favourite – I don’t know! I like all of them, I just like my Find Your Happy Place campaign a bit more.

What have your experiences been like at university?

I want to quote Dickens and say it’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times! For me it’s been really good – I love helping people. Being an officer, and getting to help people, has made it wonderful. You get to see some real changes- like getting Lecture Capture sorted, making sure it continues and is implemented this year.

What’s more important, facts or feelings?

Objectively facts, subjectively feelings – that’s such a politician answer! It has to depend on the situation, because for example, if people want to talk on sensitive topics, people tend to make it very emotional and react to feelings. But you’ve also got to be cautionary and use facts where necessary. I don’t want to seem too cold, so I can’t tell you which is more important- I’ll say it would have to depend on the context, which is probably an answer that every other person is going to give!

Sum up your campaign in three words.

Four words? Is that alright? Because that’s very easy- Vote Moh, GET More. That’s it!

Thank you, Ananda. It was great hearing from you.