Grace is a final year Geography student. She is running on a manifesto based around improving the student experience, promising kettles and microwaves in the library, an affordable range of vegetarian and vegan food, as well as subsidised bus travel. She pledges to roll out online-only coursework submissions across all departments to “save time, money and trees!”

Liverpool Guild elections

How would you change the Guild if you were elected as a Student Officer?

Part of my manifesto is around affordability, so I’d definitely want to do more in making the Guild more affordable- events, food provision in the Guild and the Guild shop are quite expensive. So I want to work towards that. Also, just getting students more involved with the Guild! Something I’ve learnt from this is that although I have been very interactive with the Guild in my experience, lots of people aren’t and it’s a really great aspect of the university life at Liverpool. So encouraging students to get involved with it, whether it’s events or societies, or just getting the information that the Guild provides- it would be really great.

What is your favourite Guild campaign of the past? 

I think, inclusivity-wise, it does loads to educate people about social issues and it works really hard at making sure everyone’s experience at university is really inclusive- obviously that can always be improved upon, but I think they do that really well. Actually, the NSS boycott campaign that they’ve been doing recently has been really, really great. It’s something where I know not all Guild equivalents are doing it, but I think it’s really important! The campaign’s been all over campus, and really effective.

What is your least favourite Guild campaign?

My least favourite thing about the Guild- it’s really hot! It’s really, really warm, always, so I’d say that! But as I said before, not so much my least favourite thing, but maybe it doesn’t reach as many students as it could. I know that it works really hard to do that, but trying to improve its reach, that would be really good.

What have your experiences been like at university?

I’ve loved it, I’m so sad that I’m in my final year! I remember coming to uni and thinking ‘I’m not even sure if I want to really do this any more’, and then it’s just been the best experience ever, I would recommend it to anyone. Being involved with societies has made a massive difference, I’ve been on radio for two years now and that’s been so fun. I can’t encourage being in a society to anyone enough! You meet so many people, and people you wouldn’t necessarily meet or be friends with, just from your circle, it’s a really great way to interact with people, I think.

What’s more important, facts or feelings?

That’s really hard! Well, I think that no fact is truly objective, I think facts are always imbued with feelings in some way or another, and any fact will usually evoke some sort of feeling. So, feelings, probably, because behind any fact there is feeling and with the presentation of fact you should think about what feelings that’s going to produce. Also, in the current political climate we’re facing this ‘alternative fact’ business which certainly makes me angry! So I think more than ever we need to be conscious of people’s feelings and what is said in the media.

 Sum up your campaign in three words.

Only three? Ah, that’s four! Improving affordability and experience. Does ‘and’ count?

Thanks for speaking to us.