Noura Qusairy is a first year International Business student and Course Rep; this is her first time standing for Student Officer. Noura wants to improve communication between international students and home students and resolve issues with VITAL and printer credits. “Vote for me and I will ensure to improve on the representation of students,” says Noura.

Liverpool Guild elections

How would you change the Guild if elected? 

I would improve rather than change – I would improve the communication and issues to do with the printing credit and the relationship with international students at the guild.

What is your favourite Guild Campaign of the past? 

I liked Ananda’s campaign on student housing. I supported that, it was really good.

What is your least favourite Guild Campaign of the past? 

Do I have to? I don’t think I have one!

What has your experience been like at University?

I am a first year student and I have been using the Guild all the time and my experience has been really good!

What is more important to you, facts or feelings?

I think both, but maybe feelings would be how people react. Both are really important but I can’t really say feelings over facts!

Sum up your campaign in three words.

Improve, Communication and International.

Thanks, Noura.