Siobhan Griffiths is a third Year English student and NUS delegate for Women’s, LGBT+, Disabled and National Conferences this year. She is also a member of multiple societies and the Liverpool Foxes cheerleading squad. This is her second year running to be student officer. 

Liverpool Guild elections

How would you change the Guild, if elected?

I think it’s more about getting students a lot more involved with the Guild, I know that that is something that officers have ran with in the past and quite a lot of us are running with as well, but student involvement is really important and making students feel like part of the Guild rather than just somewhere they can go with their lunch.

What’s your favourite Guild campaign of the past?

The Guild do a lot of really good campaigns, I did really like the Rainbow Laces campaign and a lot of the AU campaigns which I have pledged to continue with this year and make bigger and better, yeah I think Rainbow Laces was probably my favourite.

What’s your least favourite Guild campaign?

I think it’s just because it tends to stick to strictly to the Guild building and students who don’t come here very often don’t tend to know whats going on or understand it, a lot of students ignore their emails and stuff like that so it’s quite difficult and I think it’s important to stretch it a little bit further – and I think that’s the same with campaigns across the board.

What has your university experience been like?

Erm, in first year I was one of them students that literally went to their lectures and then went back home, I didn’t have any involvement with anything and then second year I got a little bit more involved and it wasn’t until third year when I joined a sports team and ran for student officer last year that I actually got a little bit more involved and understood everything that they actually do and it opened my eyes massively because I didn’t realise. I think joining a sports team and running for NUS delegate are probably the most involved things that I’ve ever done – I would recommend it to anyone.

What’s more important to you, facts or feelings?

I think I went with feelings last year and I still think that, based on how students respond to things and how they feel about the Guild, to me is more important. If there was a way to make students happier then there would always be a way to make that happen even if somebody said it was impossible.

Sum up your campaign in three words.

Well on my posters it says printing, sports and mental health… that was four! [laughs].

Well, three things! Thanks for speaking with us Siobhan.