The details of the current candidates’ campaigns will be announced today, Wednesday 1st March at 5pm in the Guild’s Gilmour room.

A Student Representative Officer, or SRO, is an elected member of the student body who takes a year out from their studies to run our students’ union – the Liverpool Guild of Students. These elected officers “support activities, run campaigns and bring your ideas to life; making sure everyone can hear your voice loud and clear”. They are at the very top of an important institution and are also paid a cool £19,000 per annum. Not bad for a first job.

Each March, candidates create manifestos, wave banners and speak at lectures to compete for your votes. Last year, Sean Turner was elected Guild President. He and Student Officers Ananda Mohan, Oba Akinwale and Yasmin Gasimova have worked to shape the way the Guild serves the student community, through campaigns such as the NSS Boycott, as well as more fundamental changes to the Guild’s structure, affecting how societies operate and how the Guild serves its student body.

Fundamental questions about the role of a Students’ Union – from the role of political campaigns to investing in students’ skills – are decided at Student Officer elections. Student Officers’ promises can also make our lives generally easier, breaking down barriers to course help, financial advice and good physical and mental health.

This year, a new cohort of candidates are running – 14 in total. You can read their manifestos here. The details of their campaigns will be announced today, Wednesday 1st March at 5 pm in the Guild’s Gilmour room.

Voting opens next Monday and closes on Friday, 10th March at 2 pm. To vote, simply visit the Guild’s website and log into your university account.

Student Unions across the country often suffer a low voter turnout, which can lead to a sense of disconnection between unions and the diverse student populations they serve. Last year, 4,855 votes were cast, out of a student population of over 23,000. Nonetheless, the Liverpool Guild is often ranked in the top ten per cent in the country for voter turnout.

The next Guild President and three other Student Officers will be announced on the evening of Friday, 10th March in the Mountford Hall.