Voter turnout has surpassed 5,000 for the first time in the history of the Liverpool Guild of Students.

What’s more, as of 13:10 today, the total vote count surpassed 6,000 – showing a tremendous increase on last year’s Guild election. The total number continues to climb as we approach 2 o’clock.

Sources say the gap between the candidates in first and second place has been extremely low for the past 24 hours – closing to zero three times. This indicates that the candidates in line for President and Deputy President are switching as votes continue to pour in.

The identity of these top candidates remains anyone’s guess – second-year Computer Science student Ryan Llewellyn said “my guess would be Rory and the roof bar guy”.

Liverpool Guild elections

The candidates.

Society endorsements – a key driver in Guild election results – have poured in throughout the week, but fail to provide a clear prediction of the result. Both Beth Meadows and Rory Hughes have been backed by multiple societies – including two of the largest left-leaning societies on campus, with Feminist Society endorsing Beth and Liverpool Labour Students endorsing Rory.

Last year, Liverpool RAG endorsed current Guild President Sean Turner, while Oba Akinwale followed in the footsteps of Rosie O’Donnell, running with support of Athletic Union Sports teams such as Liverpool University Hockey. Yasmin Gasimova, meanwhile, amassed support from a number of left-leaning Guild societies.

Returning Student Officers have a history of successful re-election, but with so many society endorsements from new candidates, this appears far from guaranteed.

Another huge driver of election success is active campus campaigning. Second-year English student Heather Fallon said: “campus is mad at the moment, I think I’ve been approached by every candidate.”

The Big Reveal takes place tonight, 10th March at 7pm in the Mountford Hall. Follow The Sphinx on Twitter to witness the results as they are announced.

Votes close at 2pm – head to the Guild website or a Guild polling station to have your say.