For those of you who are no stranger to Pinterest, it will come as no surprise to you that Unicorns have emerged as an interesting food trend. These mythical creatures are taking over the world of the foodies in a range of different forms: here are the top picks of these magical makes.

1: Unicorn macaroons: image from here

These are undoubtably the cutest macaroons on the scene. Not are they beautiful, but they are delicious too. If you revel in the joys of organisation and uniformity, can these be any more enticing? To try your own, there is no reason why you can’t but a set of plain macaroons and decorate them the old fashioned way: with all of the sweet treats floating around in Easter, you are sure to find something! But if you are more of the baker who takes them out of the box; throws icing sugar on your face and lovingly presents them to your nearest and dearest with your well practised expression of exhaustion, similar macaroons can be found from the mac lab bakery. (It’s ok, we won’t tell if you won’t!)

2: Unicorn cakes: image from here

For party planners or those of you who love a themed spread, unicorn cupcakes are ideal. These compact doses of unicorn fever are sure to put a smile on the grumpiest of faces. These are pretty simple to make: a classic vanilla sponge; white icing and toppings galore, you are on the way to a winner. If you have a little sister with a birthday coming up (even if she is 19), these will definitely go down well!

3: Unicorn biscuits: image from here

These may well be the most beautiful biscuits around. With lovely pastel shades, they are the image of spring, and would be great to share with friends and family alike. Unicorn cookie cutters can be found in Hobbycraft and Cake Craft World for under £2.

Even if you are busy this Easter, there is no denying the fun to be had from exploring the unicorn food trend for yourself. I’m sure that you can fit it into your to do list, somewhere between revising and catching up with friends and family, enjoy!