‘Can’t Say’ is a guitar ballad created by 21 year old gigging musician George Diaz from London, who has been writing songs since the age of 14. An instant advantage for Diaz here is that some music followers today admire musicians like him who contribute to songwriting and playing their own instruments, as they believe it shows an extra form of commitment and talent.

His latest offering is a quirky yet soothing ballad which reaches out to a long lost lover. Judging by the meaningful lyrics, “My head’s still spinning, I just need time,” Diaz does not appear to have fully gotten over this event. He is not the first – just take a look at the likes of Adele and Ed Sheeran, whose love and heartbreak songs have catapulted them to international super-stardom, all whilst remaining totally ordinary, everyday people. The public clearly love this as they can easily associate with these artists and their music. This could be an advantage for Diaz likewise, given his ability to create a song like ‘Can’t Say’, which preserves the moment that you are in, with everything happening around you appearing to stop for a blissful moment.

Although guitar ballads like this may not be everyone’s musical cup of tea, this has not stopped Diaz and this song from being appealing, especially when it comes to his distinctive vocals. One slight downside is whether Diaz will be able to accumulate any major chart success in today’s world where Spotify’s streaming system, largely dominated by the likes of Drake and Rihanna, does not give way for many other artists to come through. Only time will tell, yet if Diaz carries on applying himself the way he is, then he might not go far wrong with his career as a musician, whatever his aims may be.


Listen to ‘Can’t Say’ by George Diaz on Soundcloud. Watch the video here.