JAWS have had an epic start to the year after returning from 2014 album ‘Be Slowly’ with the progressive and sonically charged offering ‘Simplicity’ and a UK tour with a sold out date at Manchester Academy. 2017 has seen the band explore mature and experimental territory, resulting in their most developed album to date.

‘Cast’ is subtly seductive with swirling guitars complemented by lead singer Conor Schofield’s beguling vocals. It’s a single of self determination, reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins softer work from the ‘Siamese Dream’ period. It’s a single overcoming inner turmoil and watching it fade into the past, just like its shimmering hooks.

B-side ‘Fruit’ is a mesmerising shoegaze number, as the layers of guitar hooks in the intro disconnect you from reality for a brief 3 minutes opening up space for self-reflection and imagination. This is a track for any fans of shoegaze giants Slowdive or even their modern heirs Diiv. Even as a B-side this is an extremely impressive offering, it’s a shame it’s been left off the album.

Listen to ‘Cast’ here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELhv4GTFTvg. Tickets for the ‘Simplicity’ tour are available here http://blog.jawsjawsjaws.co.uk/SHOWS.