Lady Gaga has had an immense 2017 so far: she served as the epic headliner for the “Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show”, her upcoming “Joanne World Tour” sold out in a matter of minutes, and she made a guest appearance on the Season 9 premiere of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” which accumulated over 1 million viewers worldwide, the most the show has ever had. What else could she possibly do to top this? The answer: replace the now-pregnant Beyoncé as Coachella’s first female headliner in years and unexpectedly release a new song titled ‘The Cure’ (not to be confused with the English rock band of the same name).

Upon hearing the first few seconds of this new Gaga track, some might suggest that Mother Monster has tried to conform to today’s chart music based on its slight R&B vibes, which has obviously never been what she has stood for as an artist whose motto has always been “to change the world one sequin at a time.” Nevertheless, her soothing and even sensual harmonies pervade throughout this new tune, which could easily be destined to become a major summer banger. The track even draws similar vibes to her debut album The Fame which catapulted Gaga into the music limelight nearly 10 years ago. Therefore, Gaga is to be applauded for going back to her routes with this ever so catchy song and its ever so catchy accompanying lyrics – “If I can’t find the cure, I’ll fix you with my love” which form part of this sweet ode to her fans (also known as her “little monsters”).

It has been speculated that this song is part of an EP for her most recent album Joanne released back in October 2016. However, unlike ‘The Cure,’ the Joanne album had more of a country-vibe which, for some of her little monsters, was not their cup of tea.  The album’s lack of usual Gaga shock value even left some of these so called “fans” declaring that they miss “the old Lady Gaga.” Well, the reality is that there is no old Lady Gaga or new Lady Gaga: she has always been an enigmatic pop music chameleon, who since Day 1 has effortlessly and endlessly been pushing boundaries and reinventing herself through an illustrious plethora of songs including this fresh new offering.

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