Introducing MORGAN, the London-based singer/songwriter who is ready to emerge from the darkness with her alluring debut single ‘Alone’. (listen here)

A follower of astrology, MORGAN releases her debut in the midst of Mercury retrograde’s shadow period – a period that holds significance for the singer as a time of reflection and inner discovery. ‘Alone’ expresses “the poignant truth that we enter and leave this world on our own but during our lives we find comfort in that one unique person”.

Produced by Steven Cowley, ‘Alone’ is inflected with elements of 80s style pop, bluesy chords and pulsing bass lines. Stark finger clicks open the track, and MORGAN’s velvety tones echo across the rhythm, the wandering nature of the lyrics and the undulating melody create a feeling of drifting.

Drawing influences from the likes of Lana Del Rey and Charlotte OC (two artists with whom producer Steven Cowley has worked), ‘Alone’ leaves us waiting in anticipation for what’s to come this year from newcomer MORGAN.


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