With May upon us, final coursework submissions and exams loom – the libraries are filling to the brim and stress levels are at an all-time high. On May 3rd the university is hosting a “managing exam anxiety” workshop in the School of the Arts library. The workshop will take place between 3 and 5 pm; pre-booking is not required. Hosts have promised to examine “some causes of stress from a neuroscience perspective; practical ways of managing our nervous systems more effectively; and exploring some strategies that can help us prepare better for exams.”

The Knowhow programme offers a range of other workshops “designed to help you succeed in your studies.”

While exam-season stress is perfectly normal, it is important to keep a handle on anxiety to prevent it from interfering with your mental wellbeing or results. If you feel that the end of year stress is taking over, there are plenty of resources to help you cope during these last few weeks.

The University of Liverpool’s Student Services page offers advice and counselling for students undergoing many forms of mental health problems – including exam anxiety. These services include drop in sessions as well as online information on self-help. Resources include practical revision tips such as “being as active in your reading as possible, e.g. talk to yourself, walk around the room (even though people may give you funny looks).” The information given is taken directly from David Acres’ How to Pass Exams without Anxiety. These exam relaxation techniques are also a helpful resource.


If you feel you require one-to-one help, or that your anxiety stretches further than just exams, Liverpool Student Services offer drop-in services from Monday to Friday, 10–11 am. Urgent mental health support can be sought via these helplines.