If history has shown us one thing it is that for the far-right to triumph it needs a divided Left that is too focused on petty infighting. You would hope that we would have collectively learned this lesson to counter what is fast becoming a right-wing dystopia. The Left should be putting up a united front, but hey-ho here we are having the pettiest of squabbles over who is more self-righteous. Well done lads, superb work, there are people actually dying. The way you help the most vulnerable people is by being in government; you cannot help anyone in opposition. However, some puritanical leftists are professional moaners, they are not in the business of government, but merely in moaning from the side-lines.

A first-past-the-post system makes two-party politics a foregone conclusion. The choice in this General Election is clear, there are only two options: Theresa May and the Conservative’s, or Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. Do not be fooled into voting for Tim Farron and the Lib Dems in the ridiculous hope that they will somehow stop Brexit. Unfortunately for us,  Brexit is happening; 17.4m people voted for it, it is going to happen. What can be altered, however, is whether the UK will embark on a suicidal hard Brexit, or whether there can still be close co-operation with our European neighbours after leaving the EU. So, therefore it’s crucial to see that the only party who can ensure Left/Liberal values are upheld is the Labour Party, so please vote accordingly.

Theresa May’s Conservative government, with an increased mandate hell-bent on a suicidal hard Brexit along with evil welfare cuts that target the disabled and vulnerable, is truly a hellish thought. But all politicians are the same eh? What is a particularly evil and nasty Tory policy is the so-called rape clause. This requires a mother seeking benefits for a third child to prove she has been sexually assaulted or that the child was conceived during an abusive relationship. Then they have to fill out an 8-page document detailing exactly what happened. This has been attacked by the Equality and Human Rights commission who have stated “In our view the exception [about rape or abuse] raises serious issues in relation to a child and mother’s right to private life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights,” and yet this has almost been ignored by many regarding this election, because the Labour Party are in absolute disarray.

There are people who claim to be “Labour” supporters, who are going to vote Tory, to save Labour, by removing Corbyn as leader after a disastrous election. The fact that anyone could be so callous and down-right idiotic to believe this is the correct course of action is staggering. I celebrated on Sunday evening the election of Emmanuel Macron, not because I believe in the third way, but because he was the candidate who was most close my views. Crucially, he was also not a fascist, which is always helpful. I was totally flabbergasted by the number of Mélenchon supporters ambivalent towards Macron because he was a representative of the Neo-Liberal elite. However, if we believe a Lefty should support the candidate from the Centre with the best chance of defeating a common enemy, surely the same should be expected in reverse?

There also must, however, be an acceptance that there has never been a left-wing government elected in British history without Scottish seats. As the Scots have now been shown to turn their backs upon the Labour Party, a Socialist utopia is unlikely to flourish in the United Kingdom. While some of their policies may not be as left-wing as we could like, perhaps attacking anyone who is towards the centre as treacherous slugs may not be the best idea, especially in times like these. This is why Corbyn is cleverly using Blair’s maxim “for the many, not the few”.

Ken Early, an Irish sports journalist, summed up the silliness of siege mentalities describing how “the thing about sieges is that they are hellish experiences that often drive people to cannibalism and usually end in disaster.” This is exactly what is happening within the cultish aspects of Corbyn’s support. At this stage, I think it’s important to make it clear that I do support Corbyn, however, I also have massive issues with his supporter base incessantly trying to expose some form of media conspiracy against him. Yes, every party has divisions within them, otherwise, they would be cults. However, it is the media’s job to report the news, the same was the case between 1997-2005 when the Conservative Party were in disarray and this was all the fault of the “lefty BBC.”

The issue with the left is that our hearts are in the right place, yet a ridiculous pursuit of self-righteousness is a noose around our necks. So maybe you can’t get your Marxist utopia or maybe you think Corbyn should wear nicer clothes, buy you know what? Children are going to be guaranteed a hearty meal, the poorest in our society won’t be targeted and minorities won’t be castigated and fewer people will die due to political choices, academics have placed this figure at 30,000 in England and Wales alone. These are the choices you have, politics is sometimes going for what you perceive as the lesser of two evils. So unite, organise and grow up.