As if having a say in your future for the next five years was not enough, the Liverpool Guild of Students is running a competition to win a free meal at The Sphinx bar if you can prove you have registered to vote.

Today (Monday 22nd of May) is the final day to register to vote in the upcoming General Election. To enter the Guild’s competition, simply register to vote, then send a screenshot of your confirmation to the Guild’s twitter account.

According to The Guardian, approximately 75 percent of people aged 65 and over will vote, while only 42 percent of people aged 18-24 will do the same. This means politicians could be less likely to address issues affecting young people – from tuition fees and housing to the minimum wage.

In 2014, the Cameron-Clegg coalition government changed the rules so universities could no longer automatically register students. Young people are also no longer automatically registered under their parents’ names, meaning young people face a “voter registration time bomb”.

If you are unsure where your political views best align, policy quizzes such as I Side With can help to tell you which party’s policies, issues and values best fit with your personal views.

Only 66.1 percent of the electorate voted in 2015