If you’re looking for yet another excuse to sink down a few Nigel-beverages following exam season, then head down to The Botanical Garden this Saturday 10th June to celebrate World Gin Day! Whether you’re a Martin Miller’s-with-a-wedge-of-grapefruit-and-tonic kinda person, or you have no idea what any of that means and just like a g&t, The Botanical Garden will have a set up you can’t refuse.

The Botanical Garden is cosily situated in the back-streets of the Baltic Triangle, a popular spot for those seeking a new side to Liverpool beyond the bustle of Concert Square. Almost a stones throw away from the centre, and shaded by the beautiful Anglican Cathedral, it’s the perfect place to either pop in and out, or stay and soak up the sun with a gin ice-lolly.

This Saturday, The Botanical Garden will be hosting a full day of entertainment alongside copious amounts of gin. During the sunshine hours, there is set to be a whole host of live bands to serenade your visit, followed by a DJ during the evening. All day gin tasting sessions and local gin brand ambassadors will be showing you a whole new world of gin, which you’ll definitely want to be sticking around for!

This event, like most at The Botanical Garden, is free. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday!

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