Maguire’s Pizza Bar is the ultimate pizza venue for veggies, vegans or those who are gluten free. Whatever your preference there is something on the menu that will please your taste buds. The best part about this little food heaven is that you don’t have to order a whole pizza, they sell pizza in slices. So if you need a quick snack before a night out, a tasty interval in a shopping trip or are simply enjoying an evening with your friends, Maguire’s Pizza Bar really does offer you the very best. It is a relaxed and causal pizza bar full of character with a great student feel to it.

For the meat eaters there are the options of, ‘Here comes the hot pepper’ which has chorizo, peppers, jalapeños, and Bhut Jolokia chilli sauce (caution this choice is very hot!); ‘All Day Breakfast’ made up of sausage, bacon, beans, quail egg and mushroom and the ‘Hey Pesto’ which has chicken, bacon, mushroom, spinach and pesto. But if you are a vegetarian there are just as many options for you to choose from and as a veggie myself, I can certainly say this restaurant has a perfect selection of delicious pizzas. My personal favourite is the ‘Veg-endary’ slice, this is made up of mixed peppers, spinach, mushrooms and spring onions. There is also the ‘Meatball’ choice, a tasty mix of vegan meatballs, smoked cheese and red onions. There is an enticing selection of vegan slices with just as many options as other meat choices. If you’re not full after so many slices of pizza, then there is a short but sweet choice of desserts. Home baked cupcakes from Cakehole with a variety of flavours including triple chocolate, lemon drizzle and vanilla fudge as well as rocky road slabs with vegan marshmallows and cranberries. Next time I visit I’m going to order the ‘Pizza Dog’, it is a hot dog, either meat or vegan, wrapped in a pizza served with cheese and either tomato sauce or garlic butter. Doesn’t that just sound sound like pure food indulgence?

I would recommend Maguire’s Pizza Bar to anyone living or visiting Liverpool as it has been my favourite food find since moving to the city. Sometimes, going out to restaurants as a veggie or vegan can be difficult because there isn’t always a great selection of food to eat, but this special place is ideal for all types of foodies! You can find Maguire’s Pizza Bar on Renshaw Street open everyday apart from Tuesday. If you want to get in contact with them you can email them, visit their website or drop by and try a slice of their amazing pizza for yourself.