A unique art installation has appeared in Liverpool, creating a spectrum of colour through Church Alley, towards the Bluecoat Art Gallery.

The brightly coloured brollies have been snapped as a popular post for many on social media recently, leading locals to want to know all about the striking display.

‘The Umbrella Project’ features 200 umbrellas in an array of vibrant colours, in order to raise awareness of Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which affects around half a million children in the UK. Organised by the Liverpool-based ADHD Foundation, the event is set to continue through to August, encouraging the city to engage in conversation regarding neurodevelopment conditions, and urge them to support the cause.

Created by the Liverpool-based ADHD Foundation, the organisation aims to continue improving the opportunities of those affected by ADHD, through life-changing training and therapies, as it celebrates its tenth anniversary as a charity.

The umbrellas have been individually signed by schoolchildren across Merseyside, many who are affected by ADHD or Autism.

The charity has even invited local business to get involved with the cause and sponsor an umbrella, the money raised going towards programmes that offer support for families. Individuals can also contribute to the Umbrella Project, as sponsoring an umbrella for £50 can fund two therapy sessions, which can extremely benefit children affected.

For more information about the Umbrella Project or ADHD Foundation visit www.adhdfoundation.org.uk