Every summer we are treated to a delight of bright lipsticks, shimmering highlighters and standout lashes. So here at The Sphinx we imagine everyone’s beauty wish lists are slowly expanding, leading to inevitable unnecessary beauty spending. We have searched high and low to round up the top ten beauty favourites of the summer season to help you lot out! Whether it’s to add a little sass to your summer outfits, smooth out your sun kissed skin or make your cheeks sparkle with shimmering illuminators, look no further than your trusty beauty guide found right here.

Benefit’s ‘High Beam’ is an absolute winner this summer for a beautiful effortless glow. Simply apply small dots along your cheekbones, nose, forehead and blend gently. This is most definitely a bold and brave choice for a lot of make-up lovers so if you are feeling a little nervous, then try the ‘Glow all out’ highlighter stick from Soap & Glory’s collection. Apply the highlighter stick across your cheekbones to create a flawless and super easy shimmer. Both of these products are found in my make-up bag and I’d strongly recommend them to anyone who fancies some shine in their life. The beauty wish list couldn’t help but add one more Benefit product to this summer’s wants. The POREfessional Face Primer is the ultimate must have to reduce pores and fine lines. This particular face primer doubles as a base to be worn under make-up in order to have a ultra smooth surface and applied during the day to stop shine. It has a effortless and lightweight finish making it practically impossible to know you’re wearing it. I fell in love with what this primer does to my skin, it leaves it looking and feeling healthy as well as hiding my hyper pigmentation and redness.


No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream is a favourite of mine for the summer months especially for those of us who are treated to a holiday to somewhere hot and exotic. It helps to hide any skin imperfections such as blemishes or redness, it also has a 3-in-1 formula that acts to enhance the skin. The SPF 15 and 5 * UVA technology is an added bonus that protects the skin from any sun harmfulness. This little treasure is convenient for travelling and isn’t as expensive as you might first think, only costing £14.00. The finish has a beautiful glow and it feels very light on the skin. No7 offers the BB Cream for different skin types for example, Normal/Dry Skin, Normal/Oily Skin and Normal/Very Dry. It is the perfect product to use instead of heavy foundations and powders in the summer but still creates a smooth and beautiful look.


Give your lips a little TLC this summer to help prevent them from becoming dry and broken. All you need to do is buy a lip balm that will hydrate and moisturise your lips that also has SPF stopping destructive UV rays. Bobbi Brown’s Lip Balm can also be used before the application of a lipstick or lipgloss in order to have a bright and long lasting affect. Another option is Babo Botanicals Nutri-sooth SPF 15 lip treatment which has vitamins in that keep the lips smooth and fresh as well as protecting from the sun’s damage. Even better the lip treatment is organic! If these two choices still hasn’t grabbed your attention then why not try Maybelline’s Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Balm or the EOS Lip Balm.


Soltan’s Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Mousse Light-Medium is my go-to for every month of the year. The mousse provides an instant summer glow as well as being waterproof and sweat proof, there is nothing left to worry about. This is a definite favourite of mine because it leaves a streak-less finish and lasts a long time with a natural and deep looking tan. I apply the tan every other day in order to keep a topped up summer kissed look. I was super happy when I discovered this fake tan because I had been trying out all the popular brands but was never impressed and left a little disappointed and less money. My biggest tip for using fake tan especially this one is to apply the mousse with a fake tan mitt in order to prevent streaks and unnecessary very tanned hands!

Beach days are here once again and with this selection of essentials, you can be wild and free with your summertime looks. So grab your beach towel, sandals and our beauty must-haves, and we’ll see you looking fabulous in the sun!