Be:FIT London is the UK’s biggest Women’s Health and Fitness Festival, and it’s coming to the University of Liverpool this weekend!

Determined to bring health, fitness, and the Be:FIT experience to all regions, Be:FIT will be leaving the capital for two weeks to host FREE fitness pop-ups all over the UK. Delivering free workshops, fitness classes, pop-up protein and lunch stations, and even drop-in advice sessions from professionals, the Be:FIT team and professional trainers are geared up to motivate all women of all age, size and abilities.

This Friday (4 August), the Be:FIT tour bus will be arriving at the University of Liverpool Sports & Fitness Centre, on Bedford Street North, from 6pm-7.30pm. Hosting a ‘Beginners fitness and body confidence workshop’, the session will be lead by PT Ashleigh Lawrence, who will provide a body weight cardio workout, followed by a brief talk and Q&A on ‘achieving body confidence,’ as part of the Girl Squad event. Other Be:FIT events will be happening over the city, so keep an eye out for any more health and fitness pop-ups!

‘I’ll be leading a HIIT class followed by a talk on body confidence. Exercising is such a great way to make you feel positive about your body and what it can do, so I’m really looking forward to a great workout with the girls and want everyone leaving feeling even more confident’.’ – Ashleigh Lawrence, PT

As Europe’s largest women-focussed fitness festival, Be:FIT London is dedicated to providing the tools to gaining a healthier lifestyle, through empowering women to strive to feel and look the very best they can.

Be:FIT Cardio Classes

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‘The aim of the Be:FIT Tour is to reach as many people as possible, and inspire a new audience of women to become passionate about health and fitness, and gain self-esteem with their own body image.’ – Rachel Chatham & Chelsea Cox, Be:FIT festival organisers

Whether you’re a student or non-student, fitness freak or interested in gaining some health and lifestyle tips, the event is suitable and welcome to all levels of ability. Goody bags and post workout snacks will also be provided, alongside the satisfaction that you’ve worked hard to enjoy them!

So why not step outside your comfort zone and engage in all things fitness with the Be:FIT team?

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Hurry! Spaces are limited!