Students are renown for their love of good coffee and their habit of sitting in quirky little coffee shops for hours. But what is our fascination with this tasty and slightly addictive drink fuelled by? It might be the city lifestyle; the cosy comforts of a warm beverage or maybe even the fine coffee art that are becoming more and more impressive everyday. So much so, that now there is an official World Latte Championships. Who knows, in your spare time at University you could pick up this new hobby and enter 2018’s competitive Championship (although you may need a little more skill then just your love and commitment to coffee)!

Lee Kang-bin has taken coffee art to an incredible level with his beautiful imitations of famous artist’s paintings and own designs. Lee Kang-Bin has impressively recreated Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. These classy coffees are created from thick cream and different coloured food dyes, which the artist delicately uses for his elaborate designs. He also draws more comical and detailed designs too, just incase you’re not so much of a fan of Disney themes or celebrity portraits. Lee termed his popular work as “cremart,” which is just as unique a word as the incredibly detailed drinks he creates. Lee has definitely brought a new flare of creativity and skilfulness to the coffee industry.









Lee Kang-Bin’s work can be found regularly updated on his Instagram account which has acquired a growing fan base. So if you fancy having a snoop at all his other famous designs then head over to his account. Or maybe try giving it a go yourself or venturing out to treat yourself to an art latte to as we head into the winter months. Lee has proven that art can most definitely come in a variety of forms, even in a hot mug of coffee. But wouldn’t you agree that the only problem with these delicious coffees is that they look a little too good to be consumed?

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