Drink a little too much last night? Before you grab a greasy fry up, painkillers and a very strong cup of coffee, have a read of the hangover remedies we have found that might actually work! There are lots of myths on how to prevent or deal with a hangover, but do any of them actually work? There are some really strange hangover cures out there, in Ireland a famous method is to bury your friend up to their neck in wet sand in order to stop hangover symptoms. Other hangover cures include breathing in the smoke of a coal fire, drinking buffalo milk, pickle juice or rubbing limes on your arms. But I am not suggesting you do any of the above (unless you want to of course). Here are a few serious tips that will hopefully help you!

Before you even start on the vodka shots and jager bombs, there are one or two things you can do to prevent the dreaded hangover. Try alternating your alcoholic drink with a non alcoholic one. This can help slow the whole process down and keep you hydrated, which is extremely important. Next is to always choose your alcohol wisely and stick to one type of drink for the night. And finally, eat lots of starchy foods high in minerals and vitamins before you start drinking in order to help soak up all the alcohol consumed.

1. Drink lots and lots of water in order to rehydrate and help get rid of all the impurities and toxicities in your body. You also need to drink electrolyte based fluids, like sports drinks or coconut water. This helps to restore the salt and potassium that you have lost on your night of drinking. Some of these drinks also have extra calories, carbohydrates and sugars which will help contribute to curing your hangover.

2. The famous saying “Hair of the dog that bit you” might sound appealing ,especially if the vodka bottle is lying next to your bed, but it will only provide you with temporary relief. It will only delay the hangover symptoms which will most likely take over once you have stopped drinking again. But if the temptation proves too much then opt for a Bloody Mary, the tomato juice will provide you with the essential vitamins you need and the spices will help clear your senses.

3. Avoid caffeine! Your regular small morning fix won’t cause too much damage but endless cups will leave you feeling dehydrated, and could make your headache even worse due to its ability to narrow the blood vessels. Instead, make a cup of sweet tea, this will give you that boast that you desire, but stop you from getting dehydrated all over again.

4. Always eat breakfast the morning after. Food helps replenish your dehydrated system and gets calories back into your body. Hangovers need foods that are easy to digest, so try something plain like toast or cereal to start you off. Or try eating ginger, as it helps to reduce nausea and sickness. Big breakfasts can sometimes trigger indigestion, which ends up in you feeling even worse then you did before. If you’re managing to keep the bland stuff down, then try chicken noodle soup. Some people swear by greasy foods, but make sure you are able to manage bread before you rush to the nearest Nando’s.

5. And if all else fails… get back to bed! Taking a long nap will help the body heal itself. Although a lack of sleep does not contribute to a hangover, it certainly doesn’t improve it. Allowing your body time to recover from the wild night out will most likely result in your headache decreasing and sickness easing off.

It’s often too easy at university to overindulge. There are no magic cures for hangovers, just a few suggestions on how to ease the suffering. Sometimes you have got to pay the price for your crazy nights out at university. So good luck and hang on in there, it only lasts 8-24 hours anyway!