Campus Security plays a massive role in the everyday functioning of our University campus, but the system is changing and Campus Security will now become the Campus Support Services. With a new name, new uniform, new approach, and new role, this vital service is certainly one to remember.

It is their job to ensure the safety and confidence of all students at the University of Liverpool, and this year, they are more determined than ever to be of service.  Offering a phone call for reassurance, advice, or even a chaperoning service, this team is definitely one to have in your contacts list! When it’s the middle of winter and late at night, it can get very dark parents are often worried, but so are many students. Whether you are first year, or a returning fourth year, knowing that you can call their number, and have a friendly face walk you home, (or even drive you, depending on distance), is definitely a good reason to feel more at ease!

Giving out advice, help and information at this year’s Fresher’s Fair, they had these tips handy, to help students help themselves;

  • Stay vigilant;
    • If you see someone or something out of the ordinary, report it to the team! Although it may be nothing, even a simple phone call can help put your own mind at risk, and that is all that matters!
    • When using key cards and fobs, etc. if you suspect someone to be tailgating, notify the staff in the building that you are in. You can never be too aware.
    • When making your way around campus at night, just think “would my parents want be to go down that unlit road?” You know the answer…
    • Travel with friends where possible, and if it isn’t feasible, then ensure that you have an easy way to contact them, at all times!

Not only does this team protect us as individuals, they can help keep our most precious belongings safe! Losing a phone, a laptop or a tablet is just a horrifying thought, but the Campus Support team actually offer a registration service for items such as these, and so, if they were lost, there would be a number and they could be tracked; panic over!

And if you love riding your bike around campus, be sure to pass through the Guild Walk on Wednesday 27th September, between 9am-4pm. A free registration service, with a unique code, for your bike, and a free service is all on offer! As well as half price bike D locks, at £12 in the Guild, thanks to this amazing support service!

Visit their quarters on Oxford Street to fill in a form for contents registration, and never fear to give them a call! No worry is too little, and no panic is too big for our newly branded Campus Support Service, available 24/7.

Telephone:  0151 794 3252

Emergency telephone:  0151 794 2222