With a vast increase of homeless men, women and children apparent on our streets, there is still a lot of taboo surrounding homelessness and how to tackle it.

Working closely with local charities such as The Whitechapel Centre, this student run society is dedicated to raising awareness and helping those living on the streets. If you’re determined to make a change, or simply interested in the cause, don’t hesitate to get involved with the Help the Homeless society!

Established in 2013, Help the Homeless Society tries to help the continuing problem of homelessness in Liverpool and ease the plight of rough sleepers. The society has also furthered its help to refugees and asylum seekers, following the refugee crisis, and has evidently made its mark within the University and in the city.

Organising volunteering projects like the Breakfast Kitchen, which gives people in need a free breakfast every Thursday and Friday, and the award-winning Sanitary Packing campaign alongside Femsoc, which gave much-needed sanitary products to homeless women, Help the Homeless is determined to expand its success in the upcoming academic year.

Whitechapel sleepout

MerseyAid event








Dates to remember:

Monday 25th September – First society meeting (5.30pm, Cinema Room, the Guild)

Thursday 28th September – Bar crawl with Amnesty international, STAR and People and Planet (Starting 9pm in the Guild Bar)

Friday 13th October – Whitechapel annual sleepout (7pm, St James Church)

Friday 20th October – MerseyAid sponsored packathon (10-2am, Huyton Market)

Tuesday 7th November – First Give it a Go session, The Homelessness Crisis: How We Can Help (6-8pm, Mandela Room)

Weekly Volunteering:

Help the Homeless have many volunteering opportunities throughout the week which include:

‘Every week day we take unsold sandwiches from the Guild shop and Starbucks on campus and deliver them to the Whitechapel centre.’

‘We put on breakfast for and give out donations to asylum seekers in housing centres across Liverpool twice a week, alongside the charity AMURT.’

‘Once a week we go to one of the MerseyAid warehouses to help them sort donations to be sent to places of need both locally and internationally.’


‘Our society membership is £3 for the whole year and can be purchased here’: https://www.liverpoolguild.org/groups/help-the-homeless-society

‘I joined Help the Homeless because I found it impossible to ignore the prevalence of rough sleepers in Liverpool. I strongly believe that we should help others if we are in a position to do so; as students with so much free time, it isn’t hard to do something to make a change (however small)’ – Hannah Nguyen, President

‘As a society, we believe strongly in social justice. A lot of the work we do is inspired by a desire to alleviate the struggles faced by displaced people, both internationally and within our local community’ – Lily Nathan, President

Whitechapel sleepout

‘In the short time that I’ve been part of Help the Homeless, I’ve seen and taken part in the important and essential work that they do. Ultimately, every person in the society believes in one outcome: ending homelessness’– Dylan Thomson, committee member

Keep up to date via:

Facebook: UoL Help the Homeless society 

Twitter: @UOLHTH

Instagram: @helpthehomelesssociety