Fancy yourself the next Alan Sugar? Regardless of having a business idea or not, all students from academic backgrounds are welcome to get involved in the entrepreneurial activities happening on campus.

Accredited by RBS ESSA (Enterprising Student Society Accreditation), why not visit some world-renowned entrepreneurs, experience coaching workshops and enterprise seminars, networking nights and more alongside the Liverpool Entrepreneurs Network Society!

‘The Liverpool Entrepreneurs Network Society (LENS) is student-led business community and network for all budding entrepreneurs and business minded individuals to come together to share and exchange ideas and skills.’

‘The society lays down a platform for students to acquire contacts within the business world whilst inspiring young entrepreneurs and supporting future leaders. LENS are holding many events throughout the university year ranging from socials, nights out, to guest speakers and speed networking evenings.’

Upcoming events:

29 September: White T-shirt Social

3 October: Guest Speaker

24 October: Speed Networking

“Bringing young innovative minds together’. We as a society want to bring all young innovative minds together to create a powerful but joyful network that will not only benefit students now but in their career too. In 2014 this society won the best society award, highlighting our great achievements and networking successes which happen between our guest speakers and students” – Warda Khan, Vice President

“We introduce people to their success” – Miguel Li, On campus promotion

Meet the Committee:

President – Josh

Vice President – Warda

Head of Events – Tereza

Treasurer – Viktoriya

Digital marketing – Beccy

External communications & on campus promotions – Miguel


“It’s about who you know, not what you know’. We aim to provide a networking platform for all our members in which they will get the pleasure of meeting successful business men and women whom were once students themselves. We offer talks from a wide range of entrepreneurs and this is followed by Q&A sessions. We also offer networking between our members in which expands their horizons further.” – Beccy Ballantine, Digital Marketing Director

For more information on LENS, go to their social media!

Facebook: Liverpool Entrepreneurs Network Society (LENS)

Twitter: UolEntrepreneur

Instagram: uolEntrepreneur