As the generation who grew up familiar with the wizarding world of Harry Potter, some may argue that University is not so different from Hogwarts- moving away from home, being independent and trying new experiences.

Whether you’re a member of the Harry Potter fandom, a lover of sports, or simply interested in venturing into something unique, why not ponder the idea of joining the Liverpuddly Cannons?

Dev Cup 2017- Cannons vs. Steelfins

‘Established as an official University of Liverpool society in September 2016, the Liverpuddly Cannons are the only Quidditch team in Liverpool! Quidditch is an LGBTQ+ friendly, full contact, mixed gender sport based on the game from the Harry Potter series. Since its creation, Quidditch has largely moved away from its origins meaning you don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to join us. The sport has been described as a mixture between rugby and dodgeball on brooms; however, it is truly unique! As a member team of QuidditchUK we regularly travel the length and breadth of the country to attend tournaments and compete on a national level. Having won the inaugural Development Cup, this year we hope to go further, get a place at the British Quidditch Cup and test our mettle against the top teams in the country. Curious? Why not come and give it a go? No previous sporting experience is needed just a willingness to get stuck in.’

Taster Sessions:

If you’re interested in taking part or you’re intrigued by all things Quidditch, the Liverpuddly Cannons will be holding their freshers taster session on Saturday 23 September from 12:30-14:30, Wednesday 27 of September from 14:00-16:00, and Saturday 30 Sept. 12:30-14:30. 

Details of practices are regularly posted on their Facebook page to keep you up to date!

Dev Cup 2017- Cannons vs. Steelfins


Price of membership is £15 for the academic year, which includes insurance!

‘It is fast paced and very tactics based and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a sport where there isn’t pressure to be constantly at practice’ – Daniel Harrison, Captain (chaser)

 ‘Quidditch is a sport that embraces people who might not usually be interested or feel welcome in sports teams because of the “lad” culture surrounding a lot of traditional university sports. The amazing community spirit and sense of genuine friendship is easily the best thing about Quidditch’ – Chloe Hemingway (Chaser/Seeker)

 ‘The community, it’s such a welcoming sport. Everyone is always wanting to help you improve your playing style and more than happy to give you tips if you ask’ – Freya Brooks, Co-manager (Beater)

 ‘Although competitive on pitch, off pitch everyone is really nice and all Quidditch matches end in a “hug train” between the two teams. The community is also really accepting of people from all backgrounds, being a mixed gender sport’ – Alisha Raithatha, Vice Captain/ Co-manager (Beater)


For more information visit:

Facebook: Liverpuddly Cannons

Instagram: Liverpuddlycannons

Twitter: @Liverpuddly