Want to get involved and raise awareness on Campus? Why not try doing this in a fun way and for a cause that is so close to many hearts – meet the Uni Boob Team!

‘We are the Uni Boob Team here at Uni of Liverpool representing CoppaFeel!, which is a charity aiming to eradicate late detection of breast cancer; with 1 in 8 women getting breast cancer in their lives, and nearly 2000 discovering it at stage 4 we aim to get younger people to check their boobs/pecs on a monthly basis, to help to find signs and symptoms earlier, get them checked out and potentially save lives.’

‘We’re a really recent society, only starting last year. However, we raised a whopping £2,286 last year alone to go towards spreading the awareness of breast cancer!’

‘Joining the Uni Boob Team here at Liverpool has really helped me to increase my confidence (there’s nothing you can’t do after walking around campus in a giant boob) and to do something really worthwhile whilst here- it really fits well around my studies as monthly missions are suspended in January and from April onwards. Not being sporty, I felt there wouldn’t be many societies that I could really get stuck in with, but the Uni Boob Team has totally proved me wrong- the bake sales, raffles and collaborations with other societies allowed me to get really involved and get to know so many other volunteers’ – Charlotte, Secretary of CoppaFeel

Meet the Committee:

Chloe – President: ‘I volunteered with the Uni Boob Team last year and enjoyed it so much I decided to run again- I study Psychology and am in my 3rd year.’

Tallulah-  Vice President: ‘Also volunteered last year getting really involved in the fashion society/pop-up salon collaboration. She is also in her third year studying Geography.’

Georgia-  Treasurer: ‘Didn’t volunteer before- but decided she wanted to get involved as its for a great cause and will look great on her CV. She is also in her third year studying Psychology and History.’

Charlotte- Secretary: ‘ Volunteered last year and decided she wanted to be Secretary this year. She is also in her third year studying Business Management.’

Fiona- Social Secretary: ‘Basically loves to party. In her third year and studying Psychology.’

Upcoming events:

‘We are holding a range of different events this semester- collaborating with Victoria’s Secret with a dancing class and VS freebies, a campus-wide raffle, a cocktail master class with the Cocktail Society and ongoing plans with the Feminist Society. We are also holding a campus-wide raffle where they’ll be prizes from Blackburne pub, Moose and Moonshine, The Body Shop, Victoria’s Secret + many more. We are also planning a Social very soon with all our members.’


‘Membership for our society is £3 for the year, and members can choose to be as involved as they want- whether they simply turn up to our events, or they help us to plan, come up with new ideas or get all their friends involved!’

‘If anyone is still reading this- please help us to help you by texting UBT LIV to 70500 for free monthly text reminders to check yourself!’


For more information, get involved with the Uni Boob Team on their social media!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liverpoolubt/

Twitter: Liverpool_ubt

Instagram: liverpoolubt