Want to unleash your inner writer?

The Creative Writing society brings together expressive and creative writers who want to improve and compare their craft in an inspiring environment – so why not put yourself out there?

‘We are a group full of fun and creative people who all share a passion for writing.’

‘Our meetings use fun, inventive prompts to help members to improve and exercise their writing skills. There is always the option to share what you have written with other members and on our various social media profiles, but this is not mandatory. If you just want to come along and chill with a group of hilarious people, this is the society for you!’

‘At the end of the year, there is an opportunity to be published in our annual anthology.’


‘We meet every Monday from 7pm-9pm. Our first meeting is in Activity Space 6 in the Guild, with all subsequent meetings taking place in the Guild Library.’


‘Our membership fee is £3, and this includes a free notebook and pen, along with the opportunity to be published in our anthology’

‘I met my future housemates through this society and it introduced me to a bunch of like minded people’ – George Harding
“If I could be in only one society it would be Creative Writing; full of the university’s best, brightest and kindest, it’s as well run as it is varied and well worth a go.” – Jack Roberts
“I honestly didn’t expect creative writing to be as funny as it is. I came for the writing and stayed for the friends I made along the way.” – Scottie Jolly
“Creative Writing changed my life. It gave me friends, an outlet, and a feeling of belonging when I needed them. If you like to write, read, or even just drink – this is the society I’d recommend to anyone” – Connor Simms-Page
“Over the past year it has been a pleasure to help run the society, providing people with the opportunity to develop their skills whilst also connecting with like minded individuals. Whether you want to write, have a drink afterwards, get published or just come up with Haikus on a weekly basis; then the Creative Writing Society is for you.” – Ben Quinn

If you’re interested in creative writing, why not learn more via:

Society email: uol.creative.writing.society@gmail.co.uk

Facebook:  University of Liverpool Creative Writing Society 

Twitter:  UoL Creative Writing

Tumblr: University of Liverpool Creative Writing Showcase 

Reddit: University of Liverpool Creative Writing thread