Student rooms often seem like the blankest of canvases. Bare walls, neutral tones, and basic furniture spread across the room with minimal feng shui.

For many this will be a first experience living away from home, a first taste of freedom. You can now decorate and design your room to your own standards, and clean it as often as you like, or not at all!

If you’re looking to create that home away from home feeling, here’s ten tips that will add a bit of personality to your student accommodation.


                                                                          1: Create a colour scheme

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As bland and bare as your room will be when you arrive, it has more potential then you think. Creating a colour scheme doesn’t require paint, carpets or curtains – all you have to do is match your bedding to the things you’re wanting to decorate your walls, desk and shelf space with!




2: Add a pop of colour

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A trendy hack for filling up your empty walls is hanging tapestry or posters. To make up for your landlords tense relationship with Dulux paint, stick with your colour scheme and find a bold tapestry print to liven up your room, or create your own alternative wallpaper by putting up an array of your favourite posters. Most accommodations have rules regarding blue tac and pins, so make sure you opt for something that causes minimal damage to your walls.




3: Fairy Lights

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Do I even have to explain this one?

Fairy lights are the decorative drugs of student halls; they’re addictive and sometimes even have to be hid on inspection. Lighten up your room by hanging them on your walls, headboard, curtain rails, even laying them across your study desk.




4: Print your memories

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Being away from home for a long period can make even the most sociable feel homesick. To create a more homely space, print out pictures from home, trips and even the crazy antics you get up to during fresher’s – which you’re guaranteed to want to forget. Put them in frames, stick them on your walls, or even get creative with your display!




5: Hang up your memories

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A quirky hack that most students do when displaying their favourite pictures is peg them on a washing line. Easy to make yourself and equally as cheap to purchase, you can hang your memories wherever you wish, without the weight and space taken up by having multiple photo frames. Why not even attach them to your fairy lights for a more extravagant combo?




                                                                          6: Get comfy with cushions

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Comfort at university is one of the most important things – and you can never have too many cushions. Pile up your cushions to the max to make your room lounge friendly, varying in size, texture and plumpness.




7: Store your goods

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Unfortunately, you can’t pack up all your belongings from home and transport them to Liverpool. To get the most out of your space, invest in some boxes, baskets, trays or containers that can easily slip under, in, or on top of your bed, desk and wardrobe. They’re also good for stuffing belongings into for when visitors or inspectors come knocking!




8: Style your desk space

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Although most will be out partying throughout the academic year, we have to remind ourselves that we will have to do some work! Make your study space your own by added stationary, artificial plants (we’re students – we won’t keep the real things alive), trinkets and those all-important module books. Stationary storage and trays are also helpful for keeping your work in order and avoiding unnecessary stress!




9: Purchase/Use your memo board

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A memo/cork board is without a doubt your saving grace! Pin up your timetable, deadline dates, society meeting times, and any other academic reminders, keeping you organised and on top of things. They also are great for pinning up photos, birthday cards and even hanging up keys and jewellery.





10: Recycle your sins

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You’re optimistic if you think you’re not gonna binge on tinned goods and alcohol during your time at university. To avoid the walk of shame to your communal kitchen, why not make use of your old tins, cans, jars and bottles? Use your cans/tins for stationary; fill your bottles and jars with trinkets, artificial flowers or MORE fairy lights. You could even pop some disposable plastic cups into your cans for beverages with a quirky visionary twist. Do remember to thoroughly wash before attempting these hacks.




Shops such as Utility, Primark, Paperchase and Urban Outfitters are a few of the many shops in Liverpool City Centre selling these products, so why not give it a go?

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